Teen entrepreneur’s new children’s book spreads the message of self-love, kindness, and friendship

I Love Me… And That’s Okay” by teen entrepreneur-author Lena Ford intends to help children deal with challenges and issues through the power of self-love and positive mindset.


Marietta, GA, August 25, 2022: With the world getting more brutal each passing day, there are still a handful of kind souls who are on the mission to spread the spirit of positivity, warmth, and kindness. One such beautiful person is teen entrepreneur-cum-author, Lena Ford. The 12-year-old author has recently released her new children’s book, “I Love Me… And That’s Okay”, that aims to instill the ethos of self-love, friendship and confidence in children, and also their parents.


Lena will be having a book signing hosted by The BookWorm Bookstore in Powder Springs, GA, on September 24th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. She is an ambassador of The BookWorm Bookstore owner, Julia Davis.


“I Love Me… And That’s Okay” deals with issues that young children are faced with everyday. The book intends to offer friendly advice to tackle these problems and look forward to a better and kinder tomorrow, despite all the challenges ahead.


“I am thrilled to share with you all that I have recently released my new book, ‘I Love Me… And That’s Okay’. This is my first book ever as an author and hence extremely special. Young children are facing several kinds of problems every day- from bullying to body-shaming- different factors can make life difficult for them. But a lot of our problems could be solved if we can show little bit of confidence, have the ability to love ourselves, and be kind to both us and others. My new book shares the same vibes in the hope to make life better for my young friends”, stated Lena.


“I Love Me… And That’s Okay” revolves around the story of India, a girl who has allowed bullying to overpower her self-love. However, her life takes a new turn one day when her best friends remind her about the significance of being kind and positive to self first. The book aims to spread the message that when a person is kind to oneself, s/he would be able to be kind to others as well.


“We will be having the book signing session next month. Please join us for the event and help us to spread more positivity around.”


About the author:


A dynamic young girl, Lena Ford has been a giver since a young age. Early on, she understood the importance of positivity in life and how good thoughts can change someone’s life for better. Based on the ethos of sharing positivity, Lena has founded her own store for custom accessories, Positively Lena. The store offers handmade keychains and t-shirts with inspiring quotes and designs. Lena also runs a special community initiative project named “ARTing For You”, which is dedicated to donate art supplies to underprivileged kids. “I Love Me… And That’s Okay” is Lena’s first book as an author.


For more information, please visit https://positivelylena.com