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We are always excited to collaborate with journalists, bloggers, and influencers who are keen to share Lena's inspiring journey as a young CEO and our commitment to fostering self-love and positivity.

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Recent Features:

Black News Article on 'Embrace Their Roots Campaign': To read about the "Embrace Their Roots" initiative and its impact, check out the article on Black News.

PW Perspective Article on Community Work: For an in-depth look at Lena's role in the Kinship Family Initiative and the "Embrace Their Roots Campaign", you can read the article on PW Perspective.

Face2Face Africa Article on Entrepreneurial Ventures: To explore more about Lena's campaign and her entrepreneurial ventures, the article is available on Face2Face Africa.

Kebloom Interview: For insights into Lena's brand and journey, you can read the full interview on Kebloom.

Voyage ATL Magazine: To learn more about Lena's experiences as a young entrepreneur and her company Positively Lena, visit Voyage ATL Magazine.

Julia's Roundtable: In this podcast, Lena and her mother, Tressie Ford, discuss their experiences in entrepreneurship, motherhood, and managing family life. The episode titled "Lena & Tressie Ford: Kidpreneur, Mompreneur, Motherhood & Wife - Making it All Work" offers insights into Lena's journey with Positively Lena, LLC, and how she got started. You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts.

Simple Acts, Big Impact: Another podcast featuring Lena is "Simple Acts, Big Impact," where she is recognized as a young changemaker. The episode titled "Lena F: Positively Lena" aired on April 12, 2023, and covers Lena’s role as an author, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist, starting from the age of 7. You can find this episode on Simple Acts, Big Impact's website.