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  • The Art of Positivity: How Creative Expression Shapes Young Minds

    The blog post "The Art of Positivity: How Creative Expression Shapes Young Minds" for Positively Lena focuses on the importance of creative expression in child development. It discusses how activities like art and crafting contribute to building self-esteem, enhancing problem-solving skills, and providing an outlet for emotional expression. The post highlights Positively Lena's initiatives, particularly the ARTing for You program and the Positivity Pouches, designed to encourage creativity and positivity in children. The blog also offers DIY creative project ideas for parents and children, and it concludes with a call to action to support Positively Lena's mission in nurturing creativity and positivity in young minds. The post is enriched with engaging visuals and suggestions for interactive community involvement.
  • Teen entrepreneur’s new children’s book spreads the message of self-love, kindness, and friendship

    “I Love Me… And That’s Okay” revolves around the story of India, a girl who has allowed bullying to overpower her self-love. However, her life takes a new turn one day when her best friends remind her about the significance of being kind and positive to self first. The book aims to spread the message that when a person is kind to oneself, s/he would be able to be kind to others as well.
  • First Vendor Event

    On April 13th, Lena participated in her first vendor event. She learned so much information. She learned about marketing, social media, and how to ...