Advice for Becoming a Young Entrepreneur...Right Now | Lena Ford | Être TED-Ed Club

🌟 Big News from Me to You! 🌟

Hi everyone, I'm Lena Ford! At just 14 years old, I've embarked on an incredible journey as the CEO of Positively Lena and as the co-founder of the Kinship Family Initiative. My passion lies in spreading positivity and engaging in meaningful community service. 

Through initiatives like ARTing for You, Pages and Pals, Embrace Their Roots, and Artistic Voices, I've had the joy of enriching the lives of many young people and communities. It's been an amazing journey of promoting self-esteem and entrepreneurship among the youth. 

And now, I have something super exciting to share with you all! I’ve just given a TedEd talk, presented by Etre Girls, titled "Advice for Becoming a Young Entrepreneur...Right Now." In this talk, I share my experiences, the challenges I've faced, and the lessons I've learned along the way. 

I'm also thrilled to share that my efforts have been recognized with the Gold Presidential Service Award, a testament to our collective impact and the power of young leadership. 


I invite you to watch my talk. Let’s inspire each other and learn how we can all make a positive change in the world, starting today!

👉 Check it out here! 

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